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Video: Newcomer’s tutorial

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Are you a beginner in the world of World of Tanks? Did you get destroyed within few seconds after the battle started because you had clearly no idea how to either move your tank or shoot at the enemy? Everybody knows this unpleasant feeling seeing their burning tank in the garage after their first battle. To prevent it, we have prepared with the 8.4 version a favorable training for our youngest arrivals on battlefields. That being said ladies and gentlemen, check out our newest tutorial!

Grab your notebooks and learn while marching slowly to our battlefields!


Please note that this feature is available to all the players, but it will obviously give priority to the newcomers. Veteran players who would like to try it, could need to wait in the special battle tutorial queue, especially right after the 8.4 release.


We hope this innovation will help you, Commanders! See you on our battlefields!