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Video: Medium Artillery Walkthrough

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Remember James Brown? Now over the years he taught us that “a man’s world means nothing without a woman or a girl”. Today, in World of Tanks we say “a tanker’s world means nothing without an arty or support”. If you have ever been in love, much like if you have ever been in battle, you’ll know how true both of these statements are.

To help you set up your own love-affair with the artillery vehicle of your choice, we bring you an extensive guide on how to master the medium arties of tier IV and V. Check out our video to learn all kinds of useful secrets that will dramatically increase your battle performance when driving one of these machines.

Some of the ground rules we’ll cover in the tutorial are indispensable to know for when you’re driving any kind of arty vehicle. Other things will be more particular in nature, offering you an in-depth look at the specific configurations and capabilities of SPG’s of the aforementioned tiers. That way you get a conclusive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of these crafty machines, so you can make sure to fully seize their potential next time you’re facing your enemies.

Get with the program now, Soldier! That ‘Play’-Button is just begging to be hit… oblige it!


Or you can just forget all that nonsense about love.  Everybody knows that the only true love is between a commander and their machine!