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Video: Maus

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In previous videos we have been celebrating the arrival of the brand new Chinese tanks on our battlefields. It’s time to switch to vehicles that have been in the game for a little longer.

In today’s video we turn our attention to our all-time favourite German Tier X heavy - the Maus. The history of the Maus’s name is quite interesting. Originally it was called the Mammut (in English: Mammoth), but later on it was changed to Mäuschen (Little Mouse), and then modified to Maus (Mouse). 

Of course, this vehicle isn’t anything like a fragile mouse! In this video you will see why. As usual, you will gain gain some knowledge about its history, pros and cons and how to use this tank most efficiently. For those that are not on friendly terms with the German tree, you can learn out how to destroy this famously durable vehicle. 

Are you the type of commander who prefers to be right on the front line? Are you looking for a vehicle that has good stamina and solid armouring? Then roll out with Maus, you won’t regret it! 


Meanwhile, for those who would rather catch a Maus? You would do well to remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons! We wish you good luck!