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Video: M3 Lee

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In this new video we take a close look at the M3 Lee. This is a Tier IV American medium tank, which means it is quite quick to obtain if you don’t have one yet. So, would you like to know more about this steel beast that was named after General Robert Edward Lee? General Lee was considered to be one of the best leaders of the 19th century and a master in defensive and tactical battles.  Thus, it is really no wonder that the tank named after him is a quite decent and powerful vehicle if you know how to master it.

If you haven’t had a chance to drive the M3 Lee on the battlefields then stay tuned, for that’s where this video guide comes in!  Even if you are an expert M3 Lee driver, you might pick up some handy tips!

Roll out on battlefields with American pride and let your enemies run in fear!