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Video: Epic Battle Replay – The Karelia Contingent

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We have long been inviting you to submit the replays of your greatest and most epic battles.  Today, we have chosen one of your battles to showcase as an example of spectacular gameplay.  In fact, we have two replays for you to see, showing the same battle from the perspective of two members of a platoon.  Witness from both sides how the two tanks work together, racking up a massive kill count of 10 vehicles!

Often a good way to improve your own skills is to observe the work of masters.  We hope you enjoy today’s video as a means of seeing excellent teamwork in action.

The two players are Tubbeh and Turbotube.  Congratulations to them both!

Do you want to see your own epic battle immortalised here?  Post them to the special forum thread, and perhaps yours will be showcased too!   


Happy battling, Commanders