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Video: Chinese Light Tanks

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Update 8.3 has just arrived, and with it comes the Chinese tech tree. We all have some questions in mind about the characteristics of these new vehicles! The WZ-131 and WZ-132 are the two light tanks featured in this video, and you will learn many things from gun selection to the gameplay tactics of these Chinese vehicles.

The WZ-131 and WZ-132 are Tier VII and VIII respectively on their branch, but the game style of them is substantially different than the same tier tanks of other nations. So if you play the way you used to with other light tanks, the battles could be rather tough for you! In the following video we will present you with the essential details about tank characteristics. You may be surprised to find out that these light tanks are actually more like medium tanks in play!

We hope that this video will present a fundamental guide for those who want to research the Chinese tanks and proceed further on this tech tree.

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