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Video: 8.4 Review

General News
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Version 8.4 is well on its way, but some of you may still be wondering what exactly this new update brought to the table. For those of you who’ve skipped the long patch notes and jumped directly into the game, we’ve prepared a little video review of the latest content addition, where we round up all of the most important features – the ones you need to know about.


See what the new British TD’s look like for yourself, or enjoy our quick overview of the three new light tanks if you’re more a fan of German engineering! Everybody else can look forward to seeing all the subtle improvements to our four overhauled maps with their own eyes: Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk and Live Oaks.

Finally we dedicate some time to the freshest newcomer to the Soviet tech tree, the SU-100Y. Don’t miss our preview of this powerful Premium tank destroyer, to be prepared for your next trip to the battlefields!


Now that you know it all, roll out and put your knowledge to the test, Commanders!