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Victory in Europe Day. Congratulations and Gifts.

The end of World War II brought us into a new era of peace, with Victory in Europe day we pay tribute to those who struggled for a better future and the happiness we share today.

Within World of Tanks the holiday spirit was also felt. has presented all registered tankers with 5 Extra Combat Rations (for Soviet tanks), 5 Cases of Cola (for American tanks) and 5 Chocolates (for German tanks). The gifts can be found in your depot. Please check!

We also remind you that the following bonuses are available until 5:00 AM UTC, May 10:

  • 50% discount on all equipment
  • 5x experience multiplier for the first victory of the day (instead of 2x)
  • 3-day premium account for only 250 gold

We are grateful that you are sharing the commemoration of our fallen heroes with us!