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Version 9.4: Premium Vehicle Changes

General News
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With the upcoming Version 9.4, we will be introducing some significant changes to two battlefield underdogs: the British Tier VII premium tank destroyer, AT 15A, and the Chinese Tier VIII premium medium tank, T-34-3. Taking both your feedback and battle statistics data into consideration, we have decided to buff the two vehicles. In their current state, these tanks fall behind their premium peers in terms of performance and playing pleasure. Therefore, with the upcoming patch we are planning to introduce the following changes in order to make the vehicles more competitive and fun to play:

AT 15A

This British colossus is slow, heavy and its gun does not really take your breath away with its alpha damage potential. What is more, the AT 15A has a standard matchmaking value which is similar to normal Tier VII tank destroyers. This means that it can end up in battle against Tier IX tanks, where its contribution is borderline insignificant. In order to improve the playing experience, the vehicle will have its matchmaking value reduced by 1 point, which means that the highest tier it will be able to face in battle on its own is Tier VIII. Furthermore, the tank’s health pool will be increased from 850 to 1,050 hit points. After introducing these changes, the AT 15A should become more effective in its designated role as the team’s shield and the frontline pusher.


Introduced as an alternative to the legendary but no longer available Type 59, this medium tank is often moody and quite difficult to play. Even though it possesses a very powerful gun, capable of surprising the enemy with a crushing alpha damage, the vehicle’s characteristics in their current state make it quite difficult for the player to use this potential to the fullest. As a result, we have decided to reduce the gun’s loading time from 14.4 to 13.4 seconds, and the dispersion during turret traverse by 25%. This way, the vehicle’s damage dealing potential as well as flanking capabilities should be more competitive.


Important: Please note that the proposed changes will be tested during the Version 9.4 public tests. Therefore, depending on the tests’ outcome, the vehicle balance changes may be supplemented, amended or even discarded completely upon the official patch release.


The underdogs may yet surprise you, Commanders!