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Version 9.16: Close-up on the first Swedish tank

General News
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We revealed the initial details about the Swedish line around gamescom this year. Today, we’re excited to talk more about the vehicle that marked the nation’s debut in World of Tanks with Update 9.16 —the Tier VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2

With the AMX 13 oscillating turret mounted on the Strv m/42 Swedish medium tank suspension, the Strv m is the very first premium Tier VI Medium Tank with an autoloader. In update 9.16, you can grab this vehicle and start sending your first Swedish crew through boot camp to get them prepped for the nation’s full arrival, and of course you’ll earn some extra credits along the way.

If this rough breakdown on the newcomer already sounds interesting, wait until you get to know its full worth.


  • Massive kaboom. The 75-mm magazine loading system with four shells is a big plus for this new Swedish vehicle. Just imagine: you’re on the battlefield, you’ve got someone in your sights, and you know you’re in a Tier VI vehicle capable of causing 600 damage in 6 seconds. With some luck or skillful shooting, one magazine can be enough to destroy a medium tank of the same tier.
  • Rapid reload. Your reload time is around 16 seconds, which is pretty short for an autoloader.  So you can maneuver out of danger briefly and then get right back in to the action.
  • Penetration. Standard shell penetration is 148 mm, whereas the penetration of Premium shells is 190 mm. Obviously, you’re going to have to add who you’re fighting into the equation. If you’re in the top or the middle of the team list, standard shells should be good enough. However, in battles against Tier VIII vehicles, make sure you have a decent idea of your opponents’ vulnerable spots and, even better, outflank them. This is when that magazine loading system will really come in handy. In extreme cases, you can switch to Premium shells to penetrate.

Battle Tips

With all of these advantages, of course the tank has its own weakness as well.  You’ve got to be extra careful with the Strv m/42-57, no matter where you are. While it features some good firepower and mobility, its armour can only block low-penetration shells. As with most mediums, stay in a pack, stay out of enemy fire and strike when your foes are most vulnerable.

Because the Strv m/42-57 sports a quality gun, it can go track-to-track with vehicles of higher tiers—depending on the battle situation. It’s good for playing the support role in close-range combat or picking enemies off from distance. As always, make sure you tailor your battle plan to the situation and your group. More importantly, just have some fun out there!


Win Your Own Strv m/42-57 Alt A2!


The Swedish newcomer is currently up for grabs as a prize in our latest tournament: Ragnarök - The Great Battle!

Three tanks will be given as rewards to the team that takes 1st place, and three more will be distributed to the players of another randomly selected team that participated. Form an awesome trio with your buddies, ready your best Tier VI vehicles, and join the tourney today!



See you on the battlefield!