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Version 9.14: Improved Sounds


As part of update 9.14, the game is being transferred to the new Audiokinetic Wwise sound platform, which will result in some major changes to the audio environment of the game.

Thanks to the new audio-technology, tank battles will be improved, with more realistic and atmospheric sounds: switching gears, the clattering of tracks against pavement, the sound of shells flying through air—all of which adds extra immersion to the game. In addition to the atmosphere and immersion, the value of sounds will also increase.

The informational Value of Sounds

Information is an important component of victory in battle. Speed and thoroughness when processing data gives the player an advantage over opponents who are "slower" in this respect. Experienced players use every bit of available information about the actions of their opponents, such as the appearance of smoke after a shot or explosion spots from SPG shells on the ground. In other words: "One who owns the information—owns the Random Battle". Before that, the main source of intel on the virtual battlefield is visual events that players see themselves or the situation on the minimap. Sounds created the atmosphere of a tank battle, rather than informed players about what was happening.

  • Green part: Field of view (FOV) - area visible to the player (battle information received via both visuals and audio) 
  • Grey part: area outside of the player's view (battle information received only via audio)

After update 9.14, the situation will be completely different. Transferring to the Audiokinetic Wwise platform will not only increase the quality of sounds, making them more original and various, but will also considerably increase the quality and quantity of information received from the audio environment in battle.

In the upcoming update each shot from an opponent heard will provide much more information: the approximate calibre of the opponent's gun, ammunition type, approximate amount of received damage, etc. Analysing the received information, you will be able to act appropriately in the current situation and make relevant conclusions.

In addition to any information about the events that take place in battle (shots, hits, penetrations, etc.), the game provides a large number of additional notifications that inform players clearly and in detail. For example, cartridge loading sounds, sounds when modules of the player's own vehicle are damaged, and also long-awaited sounds for critical hits scored on enemies, as well as sound notification for the Sixth Sense perk.

Performance/Technical Component

In addition to art and gameplay improvements, a surprise in the form of improved client performance—the Audiokinetic Wwise technology— allows for transferring sound calculations to another core of the CPU. Moreover, there is an option to disable sound calculation in the game, which provides a solution for owners of low-end PCs—it can increase performance up to 30% on PCs with single-core CPUs and up to 5% on PCs with multi-core CPUs.

Sets of sound configurations for various types of acoustics (presets) have been developed, both for speakers with a limited audio range (for example, laptop speakers) and for speakers with a wide dynamic range.

Important: We recommend to maintain the balance of audio subsystems for custom changes in the settings. For setting better perception of the audio environment in the game, change only the General Volume Level.