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Version 9.12: Solutions to Technical Issues

Each update makes World of Tanks more interesting and diverse but sometimes problems occur when updating the client. We want to remind you that the Customer Service Center is open to any game questions and issues that you may have. Qualified specialists are ready to provide support in any situation.

Below are the most frequently asked questions related to new versions and their answers:

Issues Related to Using Mods

Many players use World of Tanks mods. We would like to remind you that they are created by third-party developers and users and may not be associated with Wargaming. Therefore, you may encounter one or more of the following problems when launching the new version of World of Tanks with mods on: low FPS, hang-ups and crashes of the game client, absence of textures in Sniper Mode, etc.

In most cases, these problems are resolved by deleting the mods; sometimes you will have to reinstall the game client. More solutions and details on common issues related to mods are given here.

Please note: Wargaming accepts no responsibility for the operation of the modified game client. The only exceptions are WG Stream, WG Social, and WGTV sounds. All players that use these mods are recommended to follow the links to download and install the latest versions.


Performance - Low FPS

To get the best out of your hardware and achieve optimal game performance, it is very important to configure the game client correctly. Therefore, we recommend you to apply the Auto-Detection of Graphics Settings. Go to Menu > Settings > Graphics, click the Recommended button, wait until the settings are configured, and click Apply. The system will automatically select the most appropriate graphics quality based on the parameters of your computer.

In most cases, graphics issues can be solved by updating your video card driver. We also recommend that you watch the video below. It can help you to configure settings correctly based on your computer’s specifications.

Issues with the Launcher

The World of Tanks client is updated via the launcher. You may encounter some problems when downloading or installing an update. The most frequent are as follows:

  • Error extracting update file: Click ‘Retry’ to re-download.
  • Critical error: Unable to download updates via HTTP. The application cannot continue. For details, see log file.
  • The following text is displayed in the status bar: "Updating Launcher: checking for updates..."
  • Unable to display the webpage.
  • The gear is not disappearing from the screen. The "Online—Offline" inscription is displayed.
  • The Play button is grey.
  • An unhandled exception has occurred. The application will be restarted.
  • Solutions to these problems are described in the article on the Customer Service Center website.


We hope you found the information in this article of use. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, please check our Support website and, if necessary, contact the Customer Service Center. Information on reporting a problem to the Customer Service Center is given in a special guide

Please describe your problem in detail and specify all actions you have taken to resolve it. In addition, if the game client was successfully updated to the current version but there was a problem with launching the game or while playing, attach the WGCheck report to the ticket, which will facilitate its processing. Before you create a ticket, please make sure that the same problem occurs in the game client with mods turned off.