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Version 8.0 Release

General News
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Version 8.0 is the most anticipated World of Tanks update so far! The new physics system has been discussed and speculated about by virtual tankers for months.   Some of you may have already had a taste of it on the test servers. Now, all those dreams about jumping off cliffs and pushing enemies off bridges can become reality.

However, that’s not all!  In version 8.0, World of Tanks will also get a brand new rendering and lighting system. Several maps will be put through a very intensive face-lift  which will give them a brand new feel.

As with every update, there will be several new vehicles introduced into the game.  These include four new USSR tank destroyers, and a new premium tank, the Matilda Black Prince. As well as these new vehicles, you will also get a large number of new customisation options for your vehicles, in the form of emblems and inscriptions which can be placed on your tanks.

All these changes and more await you once Version 8.0 goes live! Read the full list of changes to see all of the details in the Updates section.

The update is now ready and downloading will begin automatically next time you launch the game.  Alternatively, you can download it manually from the update page.


Those players with an active premium account at the time of the maintenance on Thursday 27th September will receive one day's worth of premium as compensation. 


In addition, Clan Wars will be down for maintenance and will be unavailable for one day, from 04:15 CEST (02:15 GMT) on the 27th of September to 04:15 CEST (02:15 GMT) on the 28th of September.


Roll out!