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Version 9.6: New Premium Tanks


With Version 9.6, the tank pool in World of Tanks was supplemented with two new Premium vehicles: the Japanese STA-2 and the French AMX Chasseur de chars. Those of you who play the respective tech trees will find it particularly interesting, as up until now, these nations had limited options in terms of choosing “credit-makers” and training platforms for their crews.

Want to know what are these tanks like? Here’s a handy summary of their general characteristics, performance, as well as how they handle on the battlefield:




This Japanese Tier VIII medium tank is rather similar in appearance and handling to its standard counterpart, the STA-1. Even though it has weak armour, its main armament is more than capable of bringing the pain to the enemy team. In addition, the gun has good depression values, which means it can operate in hilly terrain quite effectively and keep its hull down.

The STA-2 requires a careful approach, playing as the team’s support. It’s sneaky like the legendary ninja warriors from its country of origin.

AMX Chasseur de chars



AMX CDC (Chasseur de chars) is a Tier VIII medium tank. At first look it is reminiscent of the FCM 50 t, but the difference is that it’s smaller, lighter and even more dynamic than its older brother. The 90mm gun is also quite similar, thus allowing this medium to have a distinct contribution in the team’s damage dealing potential.

In terms of gameplay, the AMX CDC drives almost like the Leopard 1 or RU 251, combining the dynamics of a light tank with the firepower of a medium. The armour is not something you can rely on, though.


Take your pick and roll out into battle in your new Premium vehicle!