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Update 9.6: Changes Summary

General News
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Version 9.6 is right around the corner and as you know, this patch will bring a few significant changes that will have a certain impact on the gameplay. Here’s a concise summary of the most important points as well as of the expected outcomes:

Accuracy Rebalancing

First, let’s discuss the patch notes - the indicated change in accuracy. The rebalancing will affect the general distribution of hits within the aiming circle, with fewer shots landing at the very centre of the reticule. This means that there will be less chance of landing a bull’s-eye, especially when firing on the move.

How will it affect the general gameplay? First of all, there will be fewer instances where a player manages to land an “unbelievable” hit, such as damaging a weak spot without aiming, while on the move or over a considerable distance. Also, the change will promote more careful aiming, meaning letting the aiming circle focus more before firing. Last but not least, the amended accuracy system will make armour gain relevance on the battlefield. After the update goes live, heavy tanks should experience increased survivability, ricochets of incoming shells, and a decrease in HP attrition rate during battle. As a result, heavy tank drivers should be more effective in battle, particularly when pushing or holding the line.

View Range Rebalancing

Another significant change introduced with version 9.6 will be the view range rebalancing. This will affect primarily tank destroyers and result in a noticeable decrease in the distance at which these vehicles can spot the enemy.

In their current state, tank destroyers are very self-reliant, and many of them are at the border of being overpowered. This means that, in many cases, a well-positioned TD can effectively highlight the enemy, deal damage upon its own spotting and still remain undetected itself.

Introducing the view range changes should stress the role of tank destroyers as support vehicles, promote team play and encourage more tank type variety on the battlefield. As the TDs will now depend on other team members to spot for them, there will be fewer instances where 1-2 destroyers single-handedly wreak havoc upon the opposite team, while remaining relatively safe themselves. Also, with a shorter view range, tank destroyers will have to be supported by other tank types – both for spotting and defence. This means increased importance of having light tanks in the team.

Light Tanks Rebalancing

The final major change coming with 9.6 will affect light tanks. With the aforementioned changes in view range, light tanks will be in much higher demand than before. Consequently, most of them will have their overall characteristics buffed, boosting their general performance and relevance on the battlefield.

After the patch, there will be much more pressure on light tanks to act as scouts for the team, and to do it effectively. These buffs should increase their general performance, as well as survivability, thus boosting their contribution in the battle and making them easier to handle.

If you’d like to know more about the changes introduced with Version 9.6, be sure to visit the In Development page for a complete list of patch notes:

Important : Please note that all balancing changes will undergo extensive testing during the Version 9.6 public tests. Therefore, depending on the tests’ outcome, the balancing may be supplemented, amended or even discarded completely upon the official patch release.

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