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Version 9.5: New British Tanks

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As you know, the public tests for version 9.5 are now open which means that, soon, the official release will take place. This update will bring some awesome new content, including a completely new tech-tree branch of British tanks! It includes lights, mediums and tank destroyers, amongst which are constructions that every tank aficionado will definitely recognise:

New British Vehicles:





M2 light tank

Essentially an American tank, its counterpart in the US tech tree is the M2 Light.  The two do not differ that much, although the British version has slightly worse mobility and reverse speed but has 5HP more with the top turret.

Advantages: armour good against machine guns, decent armament, good overall dynamic performance, a small profile and size.

Disadvantages: poor performance on soft terrain, long aim time on the 37-mm gun and a large dispersion while driving, vulnerable internal modules and crew due to the tight layout.

For fans of close-quarters combat, there is the 12.7 machine gun. The fans of medium-long distances can appreciate the 37-mm gun. If at the bottom of the list in battle, the tank can serve as an effective scout, if on the top – a strong combat unit.


Stuart I light tank

A further development of the concept of the Stuart tank. 

Advantages: high dynamics and top speed, choice of two top guns, good view range, a relatively low spread when firing on the move, a relatively balanced performance.

Disadvantages: not the best camo values, vulnerability of internal modules and crew due to the tight layout.

Thanks to its guns, the tank can be quite successfully not only in the role of scout, but also successfully deal damage to lightly armoured enemies. It has also better armor and less drawbacks compared to older Stuarts.


Grant I medium tank

An unusual specimen of the medium tank class due to its lack of a turret. As a result, the playstyle is similar to that of tank destroyers. 

Advantages:  choice of two good guns, a good armour for its tier, reasonably well angled armour (in certain places).

Disadvantages: large silhouette, specific gameplay for a medium, mediocre dynamics, low camouflage values.

Vehicle quite similar in appearance and playstyle to the American M3 Lee. The appearance of the tank in the British branch results in the availability of the QF 6-pdr Mk. III gun that not only will compete with "traditional" 75mm M3, but will open up new tactics for you thanks to its great penetration values.


Sherman III medium tank

Supplied to Britain under Lend-Lease, the M4A2’s gun selection was expanded with the QF 6-pdr Mk. V.

Advantages: good view range, a wide variety of guns, a good armour, good manoeuvrability, traditionally good gun depression.

Disadvantages: large size, high profile, average accuracy.

Quite similar to the standard Sherman. However, equipping the QF 6-pdr Mk. V gun will reduce your alpha damage in favour of penetration and damage per minute values.


Archer tank destroyer

Another unusual tank in the new branch. Its distinctive feature is the speed of the reverse, which is almost three times the speed of forward movement.

Advantages: good camouflage values, reliable gun, good traverse speed, wide gun arc, good view range, high penetration, good accuracy, good gun depression.

Disadvantages: difficult to change positions quickly, relatively small ammo rack capacity, weak armor, unusual handling.

The machine is perfect for surprise attacks. It also follows the concept of "hard to keep up, easy to get away," due to its faster reverse speed. Even though it is difficult to follow allied tanks, ambushing foes and retreating when discovered is much easier for this vehicle.


Sherman Firefly medium tank

The British version of the American M4 tank, equipped with a powerful 17-pounder.

Advantages: excellent 17-pounder gun, good mobility, good accuracy on the move, good gun depression.

Disadvantages: large size, average mobility if compared to other mediums.

Classic medium tank supporter. The gun allows you to confidently deal damage even heavy tanks, but attacking the enemy alone is out of the question.


Achilles tank destroyer

A modification of the British American tank destroyer M10, armed with British guns. 

Advantages: good camouflage values, rotating turret, excellent armament, good mobility, versatility on the battlefield, excellent penetration with gold ammo.

Disadvantages: bad armour, average gun depression, low turret rotation speed, bad accuracy on the move.

Although it is a tank destroyer, its playstyle does not require it to be stationary. The optimal use of this tank is to be in the right place at the right time. The machine is more than capable of quickly move around the map and help allies from the second line. Due to bad armour, attacking the enemy head on and/or without support is strongly discouraged.


Challenger tank destroyer

Based on the medium tank Cromwell, the vehicle promotes a more dynamic gameplay.

Advantages: Excellent dynamics and manoeuvrability, accurate, fast-firing gun, rotating turret, good gun depression, good accuracy on the move.

Disadvantages: Large size, relatively small ammo rack capacity, slow turret rotation speed, bad camouflage values, average view range, bad armour.

With a balanced set of features and the overall comfort gameplay, you can use this machine depending your individual preferences. Sniping as well as second line support are both an option.


Charioteer tank destroyer

A tank destroyer based on the Cromwell chassis, armed with quite a powerful gun in its tier.

Advantages: excellent dynamics, rotating turret, a phenomenal gun, good shell velocity, good penetration, HESH ammunition.

Disadvantages: average view range, slow turret rotation, bad gun depression.

A very versatile vehicle, allowing you to play it both as a tank destroyer and a medium tank at times. It’s capable of damaging pretty much anything it can meet on the battlefield.


FV4004 Conway tank destroyer

A very competitive tank destroyer in its tier, thanks to the rotating turret.

Advantages: Fully operational rotating turret, great accuracy, great damage per minute values, good mobility.

Disadvantages: Large size, bad camouflage values, bad armour, especially on the turret, bad gun depression, average view range.

A sniper and a support vehicle, which should be played stealthily and as far from the frontline as possible. The good mobility should be used to relocate immediately upon detection to avoid being destroyed easily.


FV4005 Stage 2 tank destroyer

An alternative to the existing British Tier X Tank Destroyer FV215b (183), with the same gun and similar turret, but much more mobile at the cost of armour.

Advantages: great alpha damage potential, good penetration, good mobility.

Disadvantages: Large size, bad armour, average view range, relatively small hit point pool, slow reload time.

Pure support vehicle which needs to stay away from the frontline and provide fire support from a distance. Good mobility allows it to relocate quickly if discovered in order to avoid destruction.

If you’d like to take one of these babies for a spin before the official patch release, make sure to download the test server client and check them out:



Roll out!