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Version 9.15: Technical Component Upgrade

General News
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The new patch updated significantly the technical component of the game: with Update 9.15, we moved to the updated version of the game engine that was being used before. This was a set of technological and architectural changes for the game client, with which the support of DX11 technology became available. With the release of the update, the graphic cards that support DX11 technology switched automatically to using it, graphics processors that do not support DX11 still use DX9.  


What benefits are there to using DX11?

The benefits of DX11 are that it brings another visible change to players – possible performance boosts for certain computer configurations. The improvement of performance varies depending on computer configuration. Higher-end PCs see a larger increase in performance: builds with two and more physical processor cores see the most notable difference.


What are the future possibilites with DX11?

DX11 support will allow the adoption of advanced technological solutions from the game industry; in the future, World of Tanks will be able to use the capabilities of most modern PCs effectively. In addition to supporting these features, the new version of the game engine allows opportunites to improve and enhance the visual component of the game. In the future there will be a gradual process of qualitive development of technological components for World of Tanks; this will guarantee benefits for our players, version to version.


Important: To avoid graphical and performance problems, as well as problems with the stability of the client after the update, it is strongly recommended to update the drivers of your graphics card when possible.

In cases where the game client crashes, including due to too high graphic settings, try to reset the game client's settings in the launcher:

  • Start the launcher
  • Click the arrow next to "Play" button
  • Select “Launch the game with reset graphic settings”

If you faced technical problems after updating the game client to Version 9.15, send a ticket to our Customer Service Center. In the ticket, describe the problem in detail and list the actions that you’ve already done to solve it. If the game client has been successfully updated to the latest version, but a problem appeared with its launch or during the game, please, attach a report of WGCheck to the ticket; this may result in an early resolution of the problem. Before you create a ticket, please make sure that the problem is reproduced in the game client without modifications.