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Version 9.16: Vehicle Comparison in the Garage

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As always, we’re keeping a close eye on your feedback, and one very frequently requested feature has been the ability to examine several tanks at a time directly in the game client. So, we acted upon your requests and added this option to the game. Created off existing mods, it made its way into the game with 9.16, and in this article we will walk you through the feature. 

What Can I Compare?

You’re good to pick up to 20 vehicles at a time and carefully examine whichever configuration—standard, current, or selected right on the Comparison Screen—and crew training level you’d like; be they vehicles you already have, ones you are considering researching, or those of your fellow tankers; any nation, class, type, and Tier. And you can also just choose one and figure out what combination of modules and crew unleashes its full potential. 

NOTE: The current iteration of the vehicle comparison feature doesn’t take into account equipment, or crew skills/perks. Also, special event vehicles like the T-62A Sport or M24 Chaffee can’t be added for comparison. We’ll consider adding more comparison parameters to the list in the future, upon analysing the feedback we get on the feature and identifying which elements are most important to you.

How do I do it?

There are quite a few places where you can add a vehicle to the comparison list:

  • Tank carousel in the Garage:

  • Tech Tree:

  • Vehicle Research Window:

  • The in-game Store:

  • The vehicle preview screen (can be opened from the Tech Tree or the Armoury):

  • Post Battle Statistics Screen:

  • Other players’ Battle Statistics Screens:

The vehicles you choose are added to the Comparison List, opened by left-clicking the scales icon in the bottom right of the Garage:

Once you’ve added everything you want to check, left-click “To Comparison” to open the Comparison Screen:

Here you can select the combat qualities you’d like to compare – just set the crew training level (current/50%/75%/100%) and configuration for each vehicle (standard/current/selected):

Selecting a certain element will highlight the best parameter in green. Hovering the cursor over a parameter opens tooltips that show the difference between parameters for the selected quality (i.e. they show how much better or worse a parameter is when compared to the best one).

Not only does vehicle comparison help in finding the most suitable configuration for a battle, it can also be instrumental in picking one you’d like to research or purchase next. And you can get to it in no time: simply left-clicking “Preview” at the bottom of the vehicle parameters column will open its Preview Screen.

Vehicle comparison is just one of a few elements that are included in our long list, appropriately labelled “player-requested things to add to the game”. We’re looking forward to delivering more updates that address the top community items and requests, and it’d be awesome to hear what you all think.


See you on the battlefield!