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Useful Software section added to the portal

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We have added a new section to our portal called Useful Software.  This section contains information about various software and modifications you can use to enhance your World of Tanks gaming experience!  All of the programs are free to download and easy to use.  They are just suggestions – there is no requirement to use them and not doing so will not affect your performance in game.

At present, the section contains detailed information about the World of Tanks Mobile Assistant as well as a useful overlay program called Overwolf.  This allows you to remain connected to your social networks whilst playing so that you can instantly publish your screenshots and videos from inside the game!

As time goes by, we will add more suggested programs to the section, so keep an eye on it.  Who knows, you may find something that is perfect for you and your style of gameplay!

We hope that you find the new section useful and that our suggestions can help enhance your enjoyment of the game.

The new section can be found under the 'Community' tab of the portal.