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Ural Steel – Road to the Finals Special

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The Ural Steel Tournament Finals will be happening this Saturday, September 15th in Moscow, Russia. It will be a memorable contest between the best World of Tanks teams in the entire world, all competing for the ultimate prize: Championship Glory.

Celebrate this event with us with the Ural Steel - Road to the Finals special! Starting from Tuesday, September 11th at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) until Saturday, September 15th at 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT) you’ll be able to enjoy the following bonuses in game:


50 % Discount for these two vehicles:
  • Soviet Tier V SU-85 Tank destroyer
  • Soviet Tier VI SU-100 Tank destroyer

As the Ural Steel finals will be taking place in Russia, we thought it fitting to discount two Soviet tank destroyers for you. Come and get yours!

50% Discount on tank equipment

Want to have more for less? Then you should not hesitate to make full use of our discount on equipment. You never know when one of these gadgets might come in handy!

50% Discount on tank crew skill reset

Feel like you need a do-over for your crew? Now’s the time to make that happen!


Double experience gain for your crew

You have reset their skills, so now let’s give them an experience boost.  No time to waste, right?


We hope you enjoy these bonuses and we are counting on you to cheer for your favourite team in the Ural Steel Finals on Saturday. If you like eSports, you can’t miss this great event! Stay tuned during the week for our special news about the competition, starting tomorrow with an interview of 1st PAD Expendables team.

Let’s roll out on the Road to the Finals, Commanders!