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Ural Steel Grand Finals Are In Full Swing.

The names of first finalists have been announced:

15.06 UTC. First International Ural Steel Championship of World of Tanks for Uralvagonzavod prizes is officially over!

14.55 UTC. starts the awarding ceremony - all teams presented on stage!

14.53 UTC. 10/140 Division: RED Rush the middle is the World Champion of Ural Steel Championship of Absolute Division!

13.50 UTC. [STAL4] Centurion won fourth battle vs. Pirates Henry Morgan. [STAL4] Centurion are the World Champions of Ural Steel Championship in 8/90!

13.15 UTC. [STAL4] Centurion vs. Pirates Henry Morgan first battle result 1:0.

12.53 UTC. 6/60: RED:Pz vs. Unti last match result 1:0. Thus, RED: Pz are the World Champions of 6/60 Division!

12.30 UTC. 6/60: 1stPAD Bravo Squad vs. Red Sky result 1:0. 1stPAD Bravo Squad takes third place!

11.40 UTC. 10/140 Division: 1SBP vs. Iron Wolves last match result 1:0. 1SBP. Polish team 1SBP takes third place!

11.37 UTC 8/90 Division: TK Granitsa vs. Angels of Death 1:0. TK Granitsa takes third place in Ural Steel Championship!

11.32 UTC. 8/90 Division: Angels of Death vs. TK Granitsa second battle result 1:0. Total score 1:1.

11.30 UTC. 10/140 Division: Iron Wolves vs. 1SBP first battle result 1:0.

11.28 UTC. 8/90 Division: TK Granitsa has just won in first battle vs. Angels of Death.

11.10 UTC. 10/140 Division: Iron Wolves vs. 1SBP get ready to fight for third place.

9.24 UTC. RED: Pz vs. 1stPAD third battle result 1:0. RED: Pz enter Grand Finals of 6/60 Division.

9.09 UTC. RED: Pz vs. 1stPAD second battle result 1:0.

9.05 UTC. RED: Pz vs. 1stPAD second battle started.

8.58 UTC. 1stPAD vs. RED: Pz first battle result 1:0!

8.50 UTC. Division 6/60: 1stPAD vs. RED: Pz first battle started.

8.10 UTC. One of RED team players got married yesterday. The whole RED team climbed up on stage presenting special gifts to The bride and the groom kissed while all people in the parlour aplauded to the echo wishing them all the best in their new life.

7.30 UTC. 8/90 Division: Angels of Death will play vs [STAL4] Ceturion while TK Granitsa will fight vs. Pirates. Teams get ready to start.

7.20 UTC. RED Baikal vs Iron Wolves 1:0. RED Baikal won the semi-finals and will take part in Finals!

7.12 UTC. 1SBP vs RED Rush the middle 0:1. RED Rush win semi-finals and will play in the Finals!

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