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Update v.7.0 Main Features

Dear players,
As you know, the approaching update v.7.0, scheduled for release in November, 2011, will implement various changes and features into the game. World of Tanks development team is pleased to highlight and explain the main options of the approaching update.

Tank Company Battles

The update v.7.0 will promote tank company battles to the new level. At the moment only tanks of tier 8-10 have an opportunity to fight successfully in tank companies, and the new format of battles will let the tankers with non-top vehicles enjoy the struggle.

Along with the present battle mode, which will be called Absolute, new divisions of tank company battles will be introduced: Junior (tier 4 is maximal), Medium (tier 6 is maximal) and Champion (tier 8 is maximal). Each of them will have the special tank company points limit and the limitation for tank tiers (first of all, tiers of SPGs and light tanks). At the moment we're perfecting tank company divisions balance, which will establish best formulae of "points/tiers" possible. The names of divisions are subject to change.

Fog of War on Global Map

The battles on Global map will come up with a bang: presently a team does not know the enemy tactics and strategy, and with the update they won't see even the number and names of enemy vehicles. The enemy tanks will appear only when detected by teammates.

Destroyed Tanks Freezing on Global Map

The update v.7.0 will require more tactical skills and savvy from clan commanders, as the victory and loss will become more sensible. Any tank, destroyed on Global map, will be detained from Ultimate Conquest battles for a certain period of time, depending on the tank type and tier. But you'll still be able to partake in other battle modes with no restrictions: in random battles, in tank companies, in championships and tournaments.

You can read more about the upcoming features of v.7.0 update here.