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Unified Premium Account

Dear Players!

The development team is pleased to announce the Unified Premium Account. This is an updated type of Premium account which will grant you premium access for all of the games from Wargaming!  With this new form of premium account, the universe will become a fully interactive system, making it simple for players to enjoy all the games to the maximum without  any additional expenses.  

The Unified Premium Account can be purchased in any of the games, the same way that standard premium is purchased at present. The difference is that the effects of the Premium Account (50% extra credits and experience along with nicer garages) will not just apply to the game you bought the account in – you will have the bonuses for all of the games!

For example, when buying premium time in World of Tanks, the premium account is also automatically activated for the same time-period in World of Warplanes. Once World of Warships goes live, your premium account access will also be applied there as well, as well as within any other projects in the future. The best thing about all of this is that the price of your premium account won’t change. You will get all of this extra premium access for the same as your World of Tanks premium account currently costs!  

Please note: during the Second Stage of the World of Warplanes Open Beta Test, players will be able to buy the Unified Premium Account with the tokens they are earning in aerial battles. This is a great chance to get premium account access in World of Tanks in exchange for your help in testing World of Warplanes, without additional expenses.   

You can find more information about the token system used in the World of Warplanes Open Beta Test here.


Find out more about the Unified Premium Account in this Special Wargaming News video: