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Unified Premium Account System Coming Soon

Many of you know that we at Wargaming have been working on expanding our portfolio of games, developing titles such as World of Warplanes and World of Warships, which are steadily holding their course towards a future global release. Today we’re happy to tell all of you who are eagerly awaiting or already playing multiple Wargaming-titles, that we’ve decided to introduce a Unified Premium Account System, which will give you the benefits of Premium across all of our games without having to pay for it multiple times.

The Unified Premium Account will allow players to purchase a Premium account, granting bonuses such as an increased experience and credit accrual rate, and have that Premium account-status carry over to all of the other Wargaming video games. Purchasing a premium account in World of Tanks will equally grant you Premium playing time for World of Warplanes, World of Warships, and any other future Wargaming titles.

The Unified Premium Account will officially launch during the open beta phase of World of Warplanes, where players will receive special tokens for free that can be used to purchase this Unified Premium Account. These tokens will serve as the equivalent of in-game gold during the open beta testing phase. Once World of Warplanes officially launches, players will be able to purchase the Unified Premium Account with in-game gold. As soon as our naval-combat MMO World of Warships goes into open beta, it will also feature the Unified Premium Account, giving you even more value for the purchase of your Premium playing experience.


We hope you like this news and are looking forward to using your Premium in all of our future Wargaming-endeavours!