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Ultimate Conquest Starts Now!

The update is better-known among users as Clan Wars. The conquest has been highly-expected by those players who are part of big military unions allied under the same name, logo and, what is more important, the same idea. Only clans can participate in the Ultimate Conquest. To join Clan Wars one has to create a clan and gather at least 15 players. 

At the moment there are over 1400 clans on the EU-server. With the launch of the Ultimate Conquest their representatives will be able to fight on the Global War Map to gain control over provinces thus providing their clans with regular income.

Ultimate Conquest playing field (which is the Global Map) represents the geographical map of several Earth regions. It is divided into provinces and can be compared to chessboard. The main aim of Ultimate Conquest soldiers is to occupy as many of them as they can. Therefore the provinces are either neutral or owned by a particular clan allowing it to receive “golden” income.

There are three types of provinces: regular, critical and landing. Depending on the type of province conquered, the clan will regularly earn a particular amount of gold. Provinces are used to move clans’ forces and headquarters along the map.

According to the rules of Ultimate Conquest, armored forces of different clans are represented as chips the number of which equals the quantity of players in the clan who played at least one battle on any vehicle of tier 5 or higher. These chips are moved along the map as the clan takes over provinces. Apart from chips every clan has one headquarters that can be moved from one province to another.

Apart from battles espionage will also be able in Ultimate Conquest. This feature allows to find out the number of enemy chips in a province.

The Ultimate Conquest is the best opportunity to display not only one’s combat skills but also strategic thinking and the ability to work in a team. Check it out for yourselves! 

The rules of the first day (Redivision of the World) you can find here

General rules of Ultimate Conquest can be checked here