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Type 59: Tank Fu Fighter

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The Chinese premium tank Type 59 has caused quite a commotion amongst the players: those, who drive it, love it; those, who face it on battle fields, hate it. Either way, Comrade’s Mao first comer is difficult to ignore.

The Chinese can be proud and loud about their Great Tank Wall in the World of Tanks. They have taught everyone a tank fu lesson, which will not be easily forgotten. Yet as with anything Chinese in order to acquire a level of the true master one has to practice hard in to order to tank hardcore.

There are a few tips on how to utilize the might of Type 59 to your advantage and to misfortune of your foes. We hope that this video guide will improve your tankmanship skills.

Trying to fight Heavy Tanks alone is pretty difficult, but when there are at least two of you – it is a walk n a park. Just remember:  among all your colleagues on MTs only you’ve got near-perfect armour and you should always go first. If you drag behind, you won’t do any good for the team.