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Video Tutorial for Low Tier Artillery

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In most discussions about self-propelled guns, players talk about tier IV and higher artillery.  Nobody thinks about the players using the tier II and tier III self-propelled guns.  Perhaps people dismiss them, thinking that the tactics for these vehicles are too simple and that they don’t need to waste their time with these small toys.  However, low tier arties actually play very different to their higher tier counterparts and can be difficult to master, particularly for the newer players who are taking their first steps in self-propelled guns.  This is where our new video comes in!

So, whether you are a new player interested in becoming a great arty player, or if you are an experienced player who has forgotten just how fun the battles with small arties were, this tutorial is for you!  Everything is explained in simple steps, and vehicle by vehicle. This will help you not only to survive with your thin armour, but also describe the behavior of your most common enemies.  Of course, most importantly, the video will explain how to deal the most damage and efficiently rain down your shells on your enemies.

Even if you are not an ace yet, we hope that video helped you to improve your game play and that you will have a lot of fun with the low tier artilleries.

Let’s start raining death from above, commanders!