Total War: Arena Now in Open Beta


Cry havoc, and prepare for an enemy onslaught the likes of which has never been seen before!

We would like to invite you to play the new game from Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly, Total War: ARENA, with the epic 10v10 online battlefield opening its gates to anyone and everyone.

The game just entered its Open Beta stage, and you can access it now with your account!


Are you venturing into Total War: ARENA for the very first time? Prepare to take up the swords and shields of history’s most legendary commanders, from unfaltering Greek heroes such as Leonidas and tactical Roman conquerors including Julius Caesar, to fierce Barbarians like the revenge-driven warrior queen Boudica, and destructive Carthaginians spearheaded by Hannibal and his War Elephants.

With unique combinations of melee, ranged, and engineering units, a wealth of tactical opportunities await your command as you lead your armies across diverse, deeply immersive historical battlefields. Play with or against players from across the world to develop and enact complex battle strategies, and ensure that the path to glory is anything but predictable.

Make your own legend in Total War: ARENA.

You can also trade tips and tales of battle with fellow commanders from the Total War: ARENA community – head over to our subreddit, or join us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


See you on the battlefield!

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