Top of the Tree Halftime: AMX 50 B Line


Climbing to a new Top of the Tree is fun, but we also know it can be quite demanding. To help you through your ascension, we're offering some tips and tricks for the Tier V-VII vehicles we're focusing on this month. In the case of the heavy AMX 50 B, these are the BDR G1 B, ARL 44 and AMX M4 mle. 45.

All values below correspond to a 100% trained crew.


Main Characteristics:

  • Hit Points: 700
  • Top Speed: 30 km/h
  • View Range: 320 m
  • Hull Armour: 60/40/60 mm
  • Turret Armour: 80/70/60 mm
  • DPM: 1,706
  • Dispersion: 0.36 m
  • Damage: 240/240/320 HP
  • Penetration: 135/175/45 mm
  • Reload Time: 8.44 s

Although never built in real life, the BDR G1 B made it to World of Tanks, where it might feel very different from its predecessors, like the B1. The latter was resilient but not that strong when it came to damaging other tanks. And the BDR G1 B is pretty much the other way around.

Regarding firepower, it has access to the formidable 90 mm DCA 30 gun, a hard-punching, yet accurate weapon. But this power comes with a price: your armour is unreliable, even against same tier opponents, who might land their shots into two proper shell traps: the giant hatch on your upper frontal plate, and the massive cupola on your turret top . And even without this one, you're still a massive target.

So avoid pushing early on, use cover to reduce the silhouette of the BDR G1 B, and put all your trust in your gun! One of the only Tier VII boomsticks available at Tier V, this gun is reliable and quite terrifying against untroubled opponents.

ARL 44

Main Characteristics:

  • Hit Points: 820
  • Top Speed: 37 km/h
  • View Range: 350 m
  • Hull Armour: 120/60/40 mm
  • Turret Armour: 110/30/30 mm
  • DPM: 1,502
  • Dispersion0.36 m
  • Damage: 240/240/320 HP
  • Penetration: 212/259/45 mm
  • Reload Time: 9.59 s

This tank was in development when France was still occupied. Basically, the ARL 44 is an attempt to turn the obsolete chassis of a B1 into a modern tank, hence the massive size of this bad boy. Contrary to its predecessor, the ARL 44 can be used as a brawler, although you will need the proper gun for that.

Fortunately enough, this Tier VI heavy has access to a large selection of guns. Use the 105 mm Canon 13TH and its great damage output to trade shots and brawl, especially on urban maps. But if you want to snipe, the 90 mm DCA 45 is perfect for that, thanks to its exceptional penetration and good accuracy. Even the 90 mm F3 is a viable choice with its better rate of fire and reliability.

Other than its guns, the ARL 44 is known for its mobility. Its top speed is good, and so is its acceleration. Add pointy and large tracks to the mix, and you'll have a very dangerous ramming potential.

AMX M4 mle. 45

Main Characteristics:

  • Hit Points1,350
  • Top Speed: 35 km/h
  • View Range: 360 m
  • Hull Armour: 90/40/40 mm
  • Turret Armour: 100/70/40 mm
  • DPM: 1,746
  • Dispersion: 0.35 m
  • Damage: 240/240/320 HP
  • Penetration: 212/259/45 mm
  • Reload Time: 8.25 s

Its predecessor used the hull of the B1, but the AMX M4 mle. 45 picked elements from the famous Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B Tiger II tank. And it somewhat shows in terms of gameplay – avoid taking fire, and support your allies from a distance.

Indeed, only your frontal armour is reliable, plus, you don't have the HP pool of the vehicles from the Tiger line. But just like the ARL 44, this AMX has a selection of guns, nicely complemented by great depression angles. 

Try to use those, as well as your turret cheeks and upper frontal armour to bounce some shells and stay alive. In that regard, you can also use your acceleration, which is pretty good for a heavy tank, and your mobility overall.

Here you go for this new selection of tanks, commanders. We hope these words help you climb your way up to the AMX 50 B. And if you need an extra boost, don't forget the two packages below. You still have a few days to get them!

Best Buy
  • Two extra x5 XP bonuses for every vehicle in the line
  • 20,000 XP credited to the AMX 50 B*
  • Double rewards for the mission "AMX 50 B"
  • 1 Made in France Style, Emblems and Inscriptions
  •  Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:
Top of the Tree Boost
  • Two extra x5 XP bonuses for every vehicle in the line
  • 20,000 XP credited to the AMX 50 B*
  • Emblems and Inscriptions
ends in:

Play a battle in the AMX 50 B to receive the bonus XP.


Roll out!

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