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Tier X Medium Tanks Video

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Now that Version 7.5 has arrived, it is possible to research medium tanks up all the way up to tier X.  Of course, with medium tanks now topping the tech tree, their characteristics are also big enough to reach these heady heights!  In this video we are going to take a closer look at the tier X medium tanks and learn about all the changes you will experience between the tier IX and new tier X vehicles.

Do you want to hear all about the amazing damages per minute dealt by the American Patton III and which tactics use with it? Are you planning to obtain the fast and manoeuvrable German Е-50 Ausf. M, but need to know more about it to before you fork up the credits?  Maybe you have already researched the Soviet Т-62А but don’t know how make the most of its great rate of fire when it has such thin armour?  Or have you noticed that your French Bat Chatillon has moved one tier up and don’t recognise it anymore?

Well, this is the place to have a quick look at the new tier X medium tanks and, if you haven’t already, meet these wild steel beasts!

Whether you are driving your new medium tier X tank, or if you are trying to eventually get one of them, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefields!!