Take a Weekend Break in World of Tanks!

Live for the weekend!

The luxury of wandering aimlessly around the beautiful cities of the world, hiking over magnificent snow-capped mountains, and enjoying a spa resort... We can do better than that for a weekend break! Allow us to highlight some of the most charmingly picturesque maps and locations in World of Tanks, where you can while away your weekend evenings exploring virtual, war-torn utopias in a heavy metal war machine. Enjoy a cool and refreshing breeze from your desktop fan, soak up the gorgeous scenery, and blow some enemy vehicles to kingdom come! 


Sadly not named after the effortlessly suave pop virtuoso Cliff Richard, Cliff is a favourite of many a commander. If you’re looking for a way to get away from it all, you can do worse than this lush, green getaway at the edge of the world. Fans of hiking won’t be disappointed by the level of rocky outcrops available to climb, though these have a tendency to be hiding places for sneaky tanks such as the VII E 25  , so be on your guard.


The quaint, idyllic town of Redshire is an autumnal dreamland, surrounded by a wonderful undulating landscape, with a freshwater river cutting through the centre of the map. The residents never seem to be at home, which is a reassuring thought when you spot a platoon of Panzers storming through their kitchens. The air’s fresh and crisp here, so try not to knock down any trees during your visit – you can hide among them and watch the world go by if you equip some summer camo!


This lonely mountain valley is a secret so well-kept that nobody ever seems to be around to enjoy it! The town boasts stunning architecture and a pleasant breeze that feels pretty rewarding after the long hike there. Lakeville is unsurprisingly named after the large body of water dominating the area. You could spend hours losing yourself in thought while gazing musingly into the azure depths, thinking about whatever lost wonders they may conceal... but be on your guard. Tanks kitted out with long-range weapons are a common sight in this area, and some of the more trigger-happy tourists sitting across the lake from you may fire on sight.


Everybody loves a camping holiday! It’s not quite the same as setting up pitch at a festival – we heard the toilets were cleaner, for a start… Malinovka has earned the nickname ‘Campinovka’, with tourists whiling away their time sitting around and sniping each other until the cows come home. Just them, nature, and shells exploding around them like the prettiest Armageddon you will ever see. Not everyone can go to the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival, right? Time is key to enjoying your adventures in Malinovka. Don’t be in a rush to see all there is to see, hold out at the fringes and sail through fields of gold, like Sting in a VII Tiger I  , to pick off your adversaries at a leisurely pace.

Roll Out!