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Third-party Glance at E3 and WoT

The success of World of Tanks on E3 exhibition couldn’t but be chronicled by the American mass-media. The amazing “tank parade” brought to Los Angeles by was depicted by many sources. Apart from reviews appearing on lots of web-sites, a lot of video accounts of E3 appeared.

Today we are eager to share some of them with you.

Victor Kislyi, CEO of was interviewed by Kris Rey form NVIDIA at E3 2011. Apart from general information about WOT, the interviewer was interested in the issues connected with renting real tanks and shipping them to LA. From the video you will find out what kind of problems the Soviet Steel beast was facing in the USA and what kind of trouble you are likely to have if you decide to rent a tank…

Chariotdrive Inc. Digital Creative Neuro Design Agency in Los Angeles and namely Bernhard Forcher also showed enormous interest in E3 and its 2011 asset – World of Tanks. We gladly present this fascinating video about the exhibition and WOT’s part in it.