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Third December Gift Shop Package Set for December 14th – January 2nd

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The gift shop packages announced in the previous announcement are still valid and they will remain valid until the 22nd of December. However, we thought we would add even more to it! After all, Christmas is coming and we want you to be able to give your friends the best possible gifts!

During this period of time you will be able to buy six bundles which are not usually available for purchase. This is also the first time that the usual bundles will temporarily go away. Obviously, they will come back after this new set of bundles has expired.

The bundles listed below will be available in the gift shop from 6:30 CET (5:30 GMT) on the 14th of December, until 6:00 CET (5:00 GMT) on the 2nd of January.

Bundle name

Bundle content

Bundle price

KV-5 Bundle

KV-5, Soviet tier VIII heavy tank

1 Garage slot

Gold: 1000

10x Large Repair Kit

7x Large First Aid Kit



31,95 €

8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger Bundle

8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger, German tier VIII tank destroyer

1 Garage slot

Premium account: 7 days

15x Large Repair Kit

15x Automatic Fire Extinguisher



41,95 €

FCM 50 t Bundle

FCM 50 t, French tier VIII heavy tank

1 Garage slot

43,99 €

TOG II* Bundle

TOG II*, British tier  VI heavy tank

1 Garage slot

14,99 €

New Year Bundle

Gold: 2,500

Credits: 2,500,000

22,75 €

New Year Bundle II

Gold: 7,500

Credits: 7,500,000

64,99 €


Below you can find short descriptions of the bundles available in this gift shop offer.


KV-5 Bundle

The KV-5 is a vehicle that had been removed from the in-game store as well as the giftshop with the introduction of the 7.5 update. We promised to bring it back for special occasions and what occasion is more special than winter holidays and New Year’s Eve?

The KV-5 is a tier VIII heavy tank and as with all the KV series, it’s a member of the USSR nation in World of Tanks. It is a heavily armored vehicle with a fast shooting gun. Whilst it is unlikely win any speed races, it is quite easy to remain the last tank standing on a battlefield.

This tank comes with a garage slot, so you do not need to worry about storage space! Additionally, you will get 10 large repair kits and 7 large first aid kits and 1000 gold that you can spend on anything you want - perhaps a decent set of camo for the tank?


8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger Bundle

This vehicle is a German tier VIII tank destroyer.  It features the hull of the German tier IX Jagdtiger tank destroyer combined with the gun similar to the one used on the German tier VII PzKpfw VI Tiger heavy tank.  The 8.8 cm PaK 43 L/71 Ausf. A gun delivers a huge amount of damage per minute thanks to an outstanding reload speed and it also has a decent penetration for its tier.  If you like to play tank destroyers with strong frontal armour, and don’t mind having weak sides and no rotating turret, this is a vehicle for you!

As the KV-5, this vehicle comes with a garage slot! You will also get 7 days of premium account during which you’ll earn 50% more experience, 50% more credits and you’ll enjoy the big and clean garage! But what would this tank destroyer be without some consumables? To enhance your performance we’ve added 15 large repair kits and 15 automatic fire extinguishers that will keep you rolling longer in each battle. Remember not to use them up too fast!


FCM 50 t Bundle

This is the first vehicle that hasn’t ever been available in the gift shop before.  In fact it is brand new to Version 8.2, which means there are not many of them around at all yet! This tank is a French tier VIII heavy tank and is a really monster. It is fast, just like other French heavies and carries a long-barreled gun that has amazing accuracy and good penetration. If you are a fan of the French-styled fast heavy tanks, the FCM 50t is a must-have! This vehicle comes in a set with a garage slot.


TOG II* Bundle

This British tier VI heavy tank is a slow and formidable beast. Just like the FCM 50t, it is a new addition to World of Tanks that was implemented with the 8.2 update. This tank can’t really be compared to any other machine currently in game. It is very slow for its tier and it is huge. However, the advantages of this vehicle are very interesting. It has an unusually big damage threshold that makes it a great front-line heavy tank, perfect for leading an assault. It has an amazingly fast-shooting gun that can punch an incredible amount of damage very quickly.  If you are looking for a vehicle that is special in many ways and requires a brand new tactic to drive, this vehicle is for you! As with all the vehicles in the gift shop, it comes with a free garage slot.


The New Year Bundles!

We have prepared two huge New Year bundles.

7,500 gold is a huge amount – that’s enough to buy 3 months of premium subscription, or any premium vehicle up to tier VII and still have some left on top! The 7.5 million credits is enough to buy any single vehicle in the game! YES! The most expensive tanks, the tier Xs cost 6.1 million, so you’ll still have enough left over to stock it up with premium ammunition for credits!

Depending on your needs or the needs of your friends, you should choose wisely, but bear in mind that this is probably the most universal gift you can buy in the World of Tanks gift shop! It will surely make anyone happy!


There is still one more gift shop update to come before the end of the year! Watch out for more offers that will arrive in the gift shop and find that perfect gift for the tank commander on your mind!