Team Clash 2021: And the Winner Is…



The New Team Clash Champion

with a total of 67,712,883 points


Team Clash 2021, the ultimate fight between World of Tanks content creators, has come to an end. The brave combatants Circon, Orzanel, Newmulti2k, and Dakillzor went all out to rally the troops and motivate their fans to accumulate as many points as possible. All the teams fought valiantly and were able to reach Team Level 10, unlocking all of the fantastic content creator themed rewards, including the exclusive commanders.

However, only one can sit on the throne and claim the title of Team Clash 2021 Champion.

We'd like to congratulate Dakillzor on their fantastic result!

Team Clash Results and Rewards

The final scores were:

  1. Dakillzor: 67,712,883 points
  2. Newmulti2k: 34,512,575 points
  3. Circon: 32,966,113 points
  4. Orzanel: 15,865,806 points

The unique commanders will be credited during the post-event phase before February 9 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1) along with any unclaimed personal and team rewards.

  • Team Dakillzor will receive a commander with Sixth Sense as a zero perk and enough experience to learn three skills/perks.
  • Team Newmulti2k will receive a commander with Sixth Sense as a zero perk and enough experience to learn two skills/perks.
  • Team Circon will receive a commander with Sixth Sense as a zero perk and enough experience to learn one skill/perk.
  • Team Orzanel will receive a commander with Sixth Sense as a zero perk.

Customization Items for Gold

All customization items for gold will be removed from the in-game Store on February 9 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1). Check out the additional content creator customizations below before they're gone!

Flash Sale: Team Clash 2020 Styles

Did you miss out on last year's Team Clash styles? Would you like to complete your collection and add even more content creator styles to your Garage? All the styles of the Team Clash 2020 participants (Skill4ltu,AwesomeEpicGuys, DezGamez, and Mailand) just became available in-game for 1,350 each.

Last Chance: Team Clash 2021 Customizations

Four additional styles, one each for Circon, Orzanel, NewMulti2k, and Dakillzor are available for 1,750 per style. They are a little different from the progression styles, but are just as unique and can also switch between two main color schemes. Also disappearing from the in-game Store are their projection decals as well as the four exclusive projection decals dedicated to Marty_vole, Pamboum, L4ny_, and eekeeboo - 450 per content creator for 3 decals.

Want it all? Grab the discounted "Bring Them All Benny" bundle from the in-game Store. It contains all purchasable Team Clash 2021 customizations for 7,950.

Roll Out!

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