Team Clash 2021: Twitch Drops


The battle between four amazing content creators has begun, and to mark the occasion, we have Twitch Drops available until the end of this weekend! Have you picked a side yet? Make your decision before February 5 at 01:00 CET and roll out to earn exclusive rewards until February 8 at 02:00 CET (UTC+1)!

Twitch Drops for Team Clash

In addition to leading their army of loyal fans to Team Clash victory, all of the featured content creators (active combatants and honorable mentions) will do what they do best: stream World of Tanks on Twitch. Make sure to tune in and cheer for your champion (or spy on the competition) for a chance to earn additional customizations and even tank commanders via Twitch Drops!

Twitch Drops are enabled from January 29 at 06:00 CET through February 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) for all seven content creator channels (Circon, Dakillzor, NewMulti2k, Orzanel, Marty_vole, Pamboum, L4ny_) as well as the official English and German World of Tanks channels.

Regular Drops (guaranteed after the stated watch time)*:

  • Emblem Drop after 60 minutes: 6 Team Dragon emblems, 6 Team Tiger emblems
  • Inscription Drop after 90 minutes: 6 Team Dragon inscriptions, 6 Team Tiger inscriptions
  • Decal Drop after 120 minutes: 3 Team Dragon decals, 3 Team Tiger decals

Epic Drops (not guaranteed)*:

  • After watching for 60 minutes: a chance to get a Tiger commander and/or a Dragon commander. The more you watch, the better your chance. You may even get both!

Please note that each Twitch Drop can be received only once per account for the entire duration of the event. Regular drops are guaranteed after the indicated watch time. Epic Drops depend on probability and are not guaranteed for everyone.

Important: Your World of Tanks account and your Twitch account must be linked for a chance to receive Twitch Drops. Click here for the how-to guide: Link Your Accounts.


Customization Items for Gold

Have you picked your champion but don’t want to miss out on the great designs of the other content creators? 4 exclusive styles dedicated to each Team Clash 2021 participant are available directly in-game for gold. They are a little different from the progression styles, but are just as unique and can also switch between two main color schemes. Team decals for your vehicles are also available in-game.

And that isn’t the only additional customization that you can get regardless of team choice. 4 projection decals dedicated to four more World of Tanks content creators are also available for the first time. Czech streamer Marty_vole, French streamer Pamboum, German streamer L4ny_, and World of Tanks’ very own eekeeboo can be added to any suitable vehicle. They will support you in battle, just as much as they have been supporting the World of Tanks community throughout the years.

Switch Your Styles

Every Team Clash style, no matter if it is a progression one or if you bought it for gold, has the ability to switch between two different color schemes. Switching between them is free and you can decide which one you prefer even after they have been applied to a vehicle.

Customization Items for Gold Price List



Price in Gold

Team Clash 2021 "Bring Them All Benny" bundle containing:

1 Circon 2D style

1 Dakillzor 2D style

1 NewMulti2k 2D style

1 Orzanel 2D style

3 Circon decals

3 Dakillzor decals

3 NewMulti2k decals

3 Orzanel decals

3 Marty_vole decals

3 L4ny_ decals

3 Pamboum decals

3 Eekeeboo decals


1 Circon 2D style 1,750 
1 Dakillzor 2D style 1,750 
1 NewMulti2k 2D style 1,750 
1 Orzanel 2D style 1,750 
3 Circon decals 450 
3 Dakillzor decals 450 
3 NewMulti2k decals 450 
3 Orzanel decals 450 
3 Marty_vole decals  450 
3 L4ny_ decals  450 
3 Pamboum decals  450 
3 Eekeeboo decals  450 

Meet the Contestants


All he needs is a pixel and a dream. Circon is the cool and calculated one among this year’s Team Clash combatants. Always assessing the situation first and thinking five steps ahead before making a move. His actions are as precise as a razor blade, making the consequences inevitable. Each action on the battlefield is carefully planned, and this time he has his sights set on victory.

Will it be enough to take the crown in Team Clash 2021? Follow Circon on YouTube and Twitch to support his fight to the top.


Competitive to the bone! Dakillzor is ready to go all-in and win at any cost. After all, everything is fair in love and war, and Daki loves to win! He will show no mercy to his fellow Team Clash combatants and has every intent to take the throne in style. His famous pink hat is not only a real confidence booster, but will also protect his eyes from the shining blaze of glory and fame.

Will he be the shining star of Team Clash 2021? Follow Dakillzor on YouTube and Twitch to support his fight to the top.


Polska siła in action! NewMulti2k lives on the battlefields of World of Tanks. He not only knows the Studzianki soundtrack by heart, but it is also said that he owns an apartment in Himmelsdorf, vacations regularly at Live Oaks, goes skiing along the Mannerheim Line, and has wandered along the dunes of Sand River to find inner peace and the best battle strategies. NewMulti2k has claimed every inch of World of Tanks and will do everything to claim the throne as well, leaving his fellow Team Clash combatants only their Garages.

Will he be on the road to victory in Team Clash 2021? Follow NewMulti2k on YouTube and Twitch to support his fight to the top.


Orzanel is the second most famous persona in all of Romania. His fame among his fellow countrymen translates to a howling presence on the battlefield that strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents and fellow Team Clash combatants alike. With his impressive physique and singing skills, he'll either make them cower in terror and hide in their Garages, or randomly start dancing away. Either way, Orzanel is determined to be victorious!

Will he be able to serenade Fortuna and gain the fame and prestige of the Team Clash 2021 winner? Follow Orzanel on YouTube and Twitch to support his fight to the top.

Community Managers Joining the Fight

Your World of Tanks Community Managers decided to take sides this time. In the English Community, Dwigt will be joining Circon's ranks, HeatResistantBFG will fight for Orzanel, while Sael_ will pledge her allegiance to Dakillzor.

Join them on the Official World of Tanks Discord channel with HeatResistantBFG, starting on February 01 at 15:00 CET to help your team secure the top spot, and earn a couple of extra rewards! Other dates include:

  • Sael_: February 04 at 15:00 CET (UTC+1)
  • Dwigt: February 05 at 15:00 CET (UTC+1)


Check out the complete Team Clash event guide for additional details as well as examples of the unique commander voiceovers and more.

Choose your side and Roll Out!

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