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Team Battles Are Changing!

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“It’s Team Battles, but not as we know it.” Permanent teams and a leaderboard are coming to Team Battles. Read on to find out more.

Permanent Teams and Ranked Battles

With the release of Version 9.7, it will be possible to create a permanent team to participate in Team Battles. This means that a group of 4-12 players can play together on a regular basis, with their own team name and logo.

These teams will be able to take part in Ranked Battles, which will be held between permanent teams only.

In standard Team Battles, the teams are balanced on the basis of individual tankers’ rankings. In Ranked Battles, opposing teams will be chosen on the basis of their team ranking (calculated by the team’s success in Ranked Battles), regardless of the statistics of individual tankers.

In Ranked Battles, players will know the map before the battle starts, and whether they are attacking or defending. During the 30 seconds before the start of the battle, players will be able to choose their tanks. If the list of tanks has not been finalised within the 30 seconds, the team goes into battle with the tanks from their battle room.

The Leaderboard

By fighting in Ranked Battles, teams will appear on the Team Battles leaderboard (as long as they have met the requirements to do so).

The leaderboard will be divided globally into six leagues, each with four divisions. Each division can have an unlimited number of groups. However, the maximum number of teams in a group is fifty.

There will be a specific number of points needed in order to qualify for each division. To move from division to division, the team’s points will have to either exceed the maximum limit, or be less than a certain number (currently thirty). Have no fear, it is impossible to be relegated from the lowest division.

The leaderboard will run on a season-to-season basis. When a new season starts, the ratings of all teams are reset. The results of the previous seasons will not affect the next.

Important! Ranked battles are available only within the dates of the specified seasons.

 All the information on this page is subject to change.

Roll out into Ranked Battles!