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Team Damage & Team Killing in 8.8

Certain changes to the parameters of the team damage and team killing system were implemented with the 8.8 release. The system itself takes any action leading to team mate, module or hull damage into account, including that caused by platoon mates. Additionally, the penalty for team damage or team killing within the same battle will now increase at an exponential rate with each such action.

Reviewing the statistics and your feedback gathered after the 8.8 release we came to a conclusion that the system requires additional amendments. Specifically, it has been decided to reconsider the respective parameters for the future updates and for now, roll them back to 8.7 version values.

At the same time we would like to remind you that team damage or team killing is prohibited by the rules of the game. Please be cautious on the battlefield!

The changes are now implemented. They consist of:
An unban and addition of one day of premium to the account of users who were suspended for team killing during 11.09.2013 12:00 CEST to 13.09.2013 08:00 CEST.

Please note that if you were logged in, you need to re-log into the server to update the micropatch.