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Tanks Hit 1st Anniversary!

Dear players!

August 12 is the most significant day for World of Tanks game project, as this day marks one year since the official release of the Russian version of World of Tanks. And now we are glad to announce that the development team has prepared terrific presents for all its tankers! We thank and honour all those who are with us for over a year since Alpha and Beta Tests, those who have been involved in tank battles for a few months, and those who have just rolled their first tank out of the shed.

That is you who made us grow older, and now we are glad to give prizes away!


UPD. Starting from 11:30 UTC on August 12th and till the release of update v.6.7 in September, all our tankers will taste the following bonuses. Don't miss the awesome offer, you still have several days! So follow the news attentively and use the offerings at full:

  • 60% discount on all consumables purchasable for gold: Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Chocolate, Cases of Cola, Repair Kits, and etc... Pump your tanks up!
  • Save up to 58% on all premium shells!


Starting from 5:30 UTC on August 12th and till 5:00 UTC, August 15th, all World of Tanks players will enjoy the following tempting bonuses:

  • 50% discount on slots. Fill the shed with new steel monsters!
  • 50% discount on additional equipment. Stock up to struggle nobly!
  • The exprerience for the first win of the day increases by 5 (!) times. Do not miss the epic chance to earn five times more!


As you know, each player will receive one day premium account by activating the special promo code at any convenient day between 5:30 UTC August 12th and 5:00 UTC August 22nd.



All players registered on the game server before 23:59 UTC on August 12th, 2010 (alpha and beta testers), will get a premium account for a week  as a bonus.


 Happy Holidays, World of Tanks! Happy Birthday!