Tankfest 2017 Is Over!

Tankfest 2017, a celebration of everything heavy and metal that isn’t Metallica, has come to an end!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the fans who came to all the way to the Tank Museum at Bovington Camp in England to join us this week at Tankfest 2017. It’s always wonderful to connect with likeminded tank enthusiasts!

We would also like to thank all the fans who took part in the festivities on our portals and social media channels, we sincerely hope you all get the chance to visit Tankfest in person over the years to come!

Dive into our Tankfest 2017 Flickr album to either check out what you missed, or relive the heavy metal glory!

Tankfest 2017 - Bovington, UK

That's it for another year, but keep your ear firmly pressed to the ground for updates and announcements on Tankfest 2018!

Roll out!