Tankfest 2021: Donation Amount Reveal From a Historic Event


A huge thanks to all those who joined us for Tankfest 2021—our tenth in a row. It was a fantastic event bristling with live tank displays, insightful talks with guest speakers, and heated World of Tanks battles across an action-packed four days. We also unveiled our brand-new World of Tanks Gaming Zone, fought heroically during a Tank Wars: Tankfest Special, and enjoyed numerous offers and discounts!

$70,000 Raised for The Tank Museum

Now you can relive your favorite moments, digest some key event stats, and help us celebrate raising an incredible $70,000 (€60,350) for The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K. World of Tanks will donate all of the money to help them preserve their collection so tank enthusiasts can enjoy their displays and exhibits for many years to come. On behalf of World of Tanks and The Tank Museum, thank you for all your support!

"The Tank Museum is very grateful to everyone who supported us in purchasing TANKFEST bundles. The funds raised will help ensure we can keep these vehicles running for others to enjoy in future." — Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing at The Tank Museum

Event Highlights

  • Record-breaking Twitch views: 50,000 history fans tuned in live to the Tankfest stream, of which 41,000 watched simultaneously on Twitch.
  • World of Tanks Gaming Zone inaugurated: We worked with The Tank Museum and TAKEOFF to produce a new and truly immersive Gaming Zone. It's equipped with the best of MSI gaming hardware and lets players relive history on the virtual battlefield. The installation wasn't just there for Tankfest—continue to play your favorite tanks at The Tank Museum for several years to come!

  • Museum magic: 15,000 visitors enjoyed four days of tank displays at The Tank Museum.

  • Virtual tank sales: In total, 2,522 VI Tiger 131 s, 1,005 VI TOG II* s, and 1,000 VI M4A3E8 Fury s were purchased throughout the event. That's 81,300 metric tons of TOGs!

Invite a Friend and Support The Tank Museum

Share this referral link with friends! They can create an account and download World of Tanks, plus claim exclusive historical tanks, such as the Tiger 131, Sherman VC Firefly, and TOG II*. For every new player who signs up, we'll make a donation to The Tank Museum in Bovington!

You can also share the invite code ALPACA with anyone.

If you'd like to learn more about The Tank Museum or support them directly, please visit tankmuseum.org. See you at Tankfest 2022!

Roll Out!