Tankfest: Stage Plan, Meet & Greets, Contests, and More!

Tankfest 2017 is well and truly on its way!

The booth is nearly set, and the tanks are ready for action, so let’s reveal some more about our activities at Tankfest 2017! Take a look at our schedule below for a teaser of what’s planned on our stage and, more importantly, when! Want to meet your favourite streamers and YouTubers? Now is your chance!

For those of you who can’t make it to the event in person, we will be streaming highlights from our stage and the Tankfest Arena live on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note that this is only a preview, and all details and times are subject to changes until the event.

Please note that all times listed above are in BST.

Keep an eye on the World of Tanks portals and social media channels for further details!

Roll out!