Tank Rewards: Egg Hunt


In April, Tank Rewards celebrates Easter and will hide great missions and amazing rewards in your Garage and between your tanks. Can you find them all?

From 1 April at 07:00 CEST to 28 April at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), visit our Tank Rewards page below to view all available missions. Complete as many as possible, rack up Tank Rewards tokens, then use those tokens to redeem rewards from one of 5 reward tiers. Each new tier contains even greater rewards, like Personal Reserves and discount coupons for the Premium Shop. Reach Tier V and you can earn 7 Days of WoT Premium Account or the  VI TOG II* , the  VI Type 64 , or the  VI SU-100Y !

You have until 30 April to claim any rewards from this month's event. Any selected coupons will be available for 3 days upon receipt. Any previously owned vehicles will be compensated in credits.

Visit our Tank Rewards landing page for detailed mission and rewards information.



Roll Out!