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Virtually in a Tank Battle Re-enactment

Virtually Inside the Tanks has been a very successful series of videos that allowed you to join Richard “The_Challenger” Cutland and Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran for a virtual joyride in various real life tanks, such as the Type 59, T-34-76, or even the M4 Sherman “Fury.” In order to take the VR experience to a new level, we have partnered with Google to push the boundaries of Virtual Reality even further and set a new precedent: get ready to experience a VR 360⁰ Tank Battle Reenactment!

Both of these options work on desktop, while Littlstar is more mobile-friendly.

How to View the Video

In order to enjoy the 360⁰ feature of the video, all you need is a PC with Google Chrome browser installed, or a smartphone/tablet with the YouTube mobile app. The free Littlstar app can also be used to view the video on your smart device (available for both Android and iOS).

To look around or change the viewing angle, slide your finger on the screen or tilt/turn the device about. When watching on your computer, you can use the mouse for that purpose. To do so, simply left-click and hold your mouse on the video, and then drag the mouse in various directions.

For an even more immersive experience, you can use your smartphone together with Google Cardboard.


About the Project

The events displayed in the video refer to the WWII battlefield realties in the USSR, from summer 1941. The re-enactment was shot between 28 and 29 August 2015, in Belarus, using technology that allowed for filming in 360⁰ - Wargaming and Google are the first to have ever used this technique to film a tank battle re-enactment. For the purpose of this video, CGI effects were also used to add planes to the scenes.

The filming employed 40 professional reenactors, two different shooting perspectives (static camera and a drone), and features a total of six different WWII vehicles:

  • Soviet T-34-76 tank
  • Soviet BT-7 tank
  • German Pz.Kpfw. III tank
  • German StuG III tank destroyer
  • 45mm artillery gun
  • ZiS-3 artillery gun


Make sure to give us your impressions and keep your eyes open for more videos coming soon!