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T-50-2 Video Tutorial Incoming!

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When we talk about tanks, we tend to focus more on the bigger and heavier battle machines. However, for today, we thought it would be fitting to give some attention to the unsung heroes of the battle grounds: the scouts who often do the “dirty work” and put their lives on the line for the benefit of the team. For this video, we have chosen the T-50-2 as a formidable example of its class, to bring you an extensive look at this somewhat less glorious but nonetheless important aspect of the game.

The T-50-2 plays much like other scout tanks in the game, but it still has some distinctive qualities that make it stand out amongst other light tanks of the tier. As well as being one of the fastest tanks in the game, it is also one of the most vulnerable ones – a combination that can be tricky and takes some time to master. In our video review we cover everything you need to know about this tank, from how to take advantage of its light weight to engine power ratio, to the performance of its guns,  and to its role on the team. So, if you’re yet unfamiliar with this excellent Soviet tank or common scouting practices such as the “Carousel”, the “Teeter-Totter” or the “Thin Trolling” then you should definitely take a look at our video below.


We hope you enjoyed this video tutorial and that it has given you all you need to become a T-50-2 expert. Why not come and join the community on the forums to share your own hints and experience?

This video guide was made with active input from the Russian CHESS clan, who are experienced in Clan Wars and eSports.  We enjoy working with the community, especially players who know the game well and are willing to share their experience with others.  If your clan or team has a good idea for a tutorial video, we’d love to hear from you!  Write down your ideas and submit them by email to

Some of you may be aware that the T-50-2 will be updated in Version 8.0 to take into account the new physics.  Rest assured that this guide will be updated as well!


See you on the battlefields, Commanders! Good luck scouting!