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The T-34-85 heads for the Wargaming Office

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Do you remember the amazing King Tiger tank that arrived at the Wargaming office last year?  Well, now it will be getting a friend – a T-34-85!

The T-34-85 is, of course, a Soviet medium tank, and was the first vehicle to really make use of sloping armour for deflecting shells.

These replica remote-controlled tanks are created at 1/6th of the original size by Mark 1 Tanks in the UK.  They are custom-made to order, and we have some pictures of the Wargaming T-34-85 being built!

Take a look at the pictures below to see the construction in process.  Click on the thumbnails to see the full image!


The chassis with the motor installed Batteries, electronics and mechanisms added
Weathering is the process used to give the tank a realistic surface Time for a paint job!
Going for a test drive out in the snow! 


Stay tuned for more news of our T-34-85!