Vote For Your Summer Dream Tank!


For a short time only, there are four rarities in the pool, one of which can be your Summer Dream vehicle. Starting now until 12 July at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2), you'll have the chance to cast a vote for your favourite tank. The winning vehicle will then be on offer this exact weekend, so don't miss out on adding one of these to your collection!

You can vote for the following vehicles to be your Summer Dream:

  • 105 leFH18B2
  • Chrysler K GF
  • E 25
  • Type 62
105 leFH18B2

A truly devastating French artillery. Despite the low-calibre gun, this vehicle is capable of dealing damage reliably, and above all, fast as hell. On top of that, it's based on the chassis of the French B1 heavy tank, leading to some unexpected bounces.

Chrysler K GF

Despite its size, this vehicle is pretty mobile – the good power-to-weight ratio helps you get from A to B in a reasonable time, while the traverse speed makes it harder for enemies to circle you. With its rear-mounted turret, the Chrysler K GF is well-suited for side-scraping manoeuvres, which is complemented by the thick side armour.

E 25

A small, fast, and extremely dangerous German tank destroyer. Thanks to its high camouflage value, it is easy to hide behind bushes and other foliage. The 7.5 cm gun may look weak but make no mistake: the accuracy and rate of fire are absolutely through the roof!

Type 62

This Chinese light tank is pretty similar to the regular WZ-131 in the tech tree. Good speed and high camouflage value mean that this one is a formidable scouting vehicle. Add a reliable 85 mm gun with excellent damage per minute, and you have a machine capable of filling many roles on the field.



Roll out!