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Strongholds Game Mode: First Details

General News
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Strongholds is a new game mode designed for clan members. It is available in the game client and has no connection to Clan Wars or any other activities on the Global Map. Strongholds represent clan property and consist of a virtual military base, zones surrounding it, and auxiliary buildings. Strongholds may be created by clan commanders for free.

Please keep in mind that Strongholds can only be created by clans with at least 20 members.

This new mode should not be thought of as a kind of browser strategy game. All features of this mode are free of charge, and the resources for it can be earned in tank battles.

In order to develop your Stronghold and achieve various bonuses (Orders) you will need to earn Industrial Resource by playing in the following battle types:

  1. Skirmishes.
  2. Attacks on enemy Strongholds.
  3. Defending your own Stronghold.


Important: The first test version of this game mode will only have Skirmishes available. The battles for strongholds will be added in later updates. 

A clan may increase the level of its stronghold at its own discretion. As you increase the level of your Stronghold you will be able to earn more frequent and higher quality bonuses. On the other hand, its increased size requires more forces to defend it. Defending and attacking Strongholds will only become available from certain levels, in order to protect new players to the mode.

Skirmishes are 15 vs 15 battles, where teams are randomly matched up from all of those who are currently queued in the Skirmish mode. Companies may be created by any player to fight in Skirmishes. However, before joining these battles you’ll need to choose the type of Skirmish, which will define the maximum vehicle tier allowed in the battle. Currently there are three types of Skirmish:

  1. Medium (Tiers I-VI).
  2. Champion (Tiers I-VIII).
  3. Ultimate (Tiers I-X).


The rules of these battles follow standard principles similar to the Tank Companies battle mode. The battle results determine the amount of Industrial Resource earned by each participant and team as a whole.

The Industrial Resource acquired can be spent on building and upgrading Structures. The Structures then issue Orders that activate temporary in-game bonuses for all clan members in all game modes, including Random Battles.

Table of Orders available in the first test version of Strongholds

 Order Bonus typeMaximum value* Produced by
 «Battle Payments»  Increased earnings for
all battles (credits)
 Up to 50%  Financial Unit
 «Tactical Training»  Increased earnings for
all battles (XP)
 Up to 50%  Tankodrome
 «Military Maneuvers»  Increased earnings for
all battles (Free XP)
 Up to 50%  Military School
 «Additional Briefing»  Increased earnings for
all battles (Crew Experience)
 Up to 100% Training Unit 
 «High-capacity transport»  Increased earnings for
all Skirmishes (Industrial Resource)
 Up to 100% Transportation Unit 

 *These values may be altered depending on test results.



We plan to introduce new types of Orders in further updates.

You can try this new mode during the special public test. Keep an eye on the news for the announcement!


Can you raise the greatest stronghold of all?