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Strongholds: Fight Us for Gold in Skirmishes


We imagine that by now you are well acquainted with the Strongholds game mode and that you, as a clan, are well capable of fighting other clans for resources. “What is it to you?” – you may ask. Well, soon we will be out there to fight you for resources as well! That’s right, the Wargaming EU staff will be rolling out into Skirmishes! Beat us, and you may win in-game gold!


European Wargaming staff, united under the [WG] clan banner, will be joining Skirmishes to fight other clans for industrial resources.

Any clan participating in Skirmishes will have a chance to meet us on the battlefield.


We will be joining the queues for Skirmishes starting from Monday 24 November. Our playing sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday and there will be a total of two sessions per day:

  • Afternoon Session: 13:00 – 14:00 CET (UTC +1)
  • Evening Session: 18:00 – 19:00 CET (UTC +1)

We will be fighting in 2 Divisions – Medium (Tier I-VI vehicles) and Absolute (Tier I-X vehicles) on the EU1 server.

Note that we will only be fighting in Absolute during the Evening Sessions.


Besides gaining Industrial Resources, any clan that manages to meet and defeat us in a Skirmish battle will be awarded with gold. The total amount of prize gold depends on the Division:

  • Medium division (Tier I-VI vehicles): 500per player + 2,500 to clan’s treasury
  • Absolute division (Tier I-X vehicles): 2,500 per player + 5,000 to clan’s treasury

Please note that only the players who participate in the winning battle against the [WG] clan are eligible for the individual gold reward. Other clan members who did not take part in that particular battle will not be rewarded, although they may get certain amounts of gold from the prize credited to the clan’s treasury, depending on the discretion of their clan’s appropriate officers.

Important: Please also note that our employees belonging to the [WG] clan are players too, and as such, they may be found in different game modes and at different times during the day. However, even though you may meet our staff in-game at any time, please remember that only the Skirmish battles won against [WG] teams during the days and times specified above count as eligible for rewards.


Show us what you got, Commanders!