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Strongholds: New Building – War Department

Clan Warriors,

As you know, Version 9.3 brings new features to the game, including additional content for the Strongholds game mode. One of these features is the new building called the War Department, which will grant you some interesting reserves.

New Building: War Department

This special structure will occupy the last remaining slot in the 4th zone of your stronghold. The War Department can produce special reserves which can be issued to all clan members in the form of various combat tasks and quests to be completed in random battles.

The missions can differ greatly in terms of content and difficulty. You can, for example, be given the task of dealing a certain amount of damage in battle while playing in a platoon or being among the top players by XP earned.

The tasks will be valid for only two hours starting from the moment of the reserve activation

The battle missions may be completed only on Tier VIII vehicles or higher and the award depends on the building level. The higher the level, the wider the variety awards available.

Investing in your War Department really pays off, because once you reach Level VI of development, you will be able to receive tasks with valuable rewards! To give you an idea, we have prepared a table illustrating what you can expect.

Important: please note that you can get only one type of reward at a time. For example, on Level V of the building you will be able to get EITHER Crew XP OR Combat XP OR credits – not all of these at once.


 Reserve Level Awards      
 Crew XP Consumables Combat XP Credits Premium Account Gold
 1  -  -  -  20,000  -  -
 2  -  -  -  30,000  -  -
 3  3,000  -  -  40,000  -  -
 4  4,000  -  -  50,000  -  -
 5  5,000  -  5,000  75,000  -  -
 6  6,500

x 2

 6,500  100,000  -  -
 7  8,000  
x 4
 8,000  200,000  -  -
 8  10,000  
x 6
 10,000  300,000  1 day  -
 9  12,000  
x 8
 12,000  450,000   3 days  500
10 15,000
x 10
15,000  600,000    7 days  1,000

Combat mission variations

When activating the reserves produced by the War Department, you can receive the following tasks (chosen at random):

  • Destroy 2 enemy tanks in 3 battles in a row.
  • Be in the top 2 among all battle participants by experience earned in 2 battles a row.
  • Obtain at least 4,000 points of assist damage in battle.
  • Deal at least 4,000 damage points and block at least 2,000 damage points with your armour in a battle, or deal at least 2,000 damage points and block at least 4,000 damage points by your armour in a battle.
  • Spot at least 6 enemy tanks in a battle and obtain at least 1,500 assist damage points.
  • Fire at least 12 damaging shots and deal at least 4,000 damage points in a battle.
  • Deal 3,000 damage points in a battle from a distance of over 300 metres.
  • Earn a total of 150 base capture points. Only battles won count.
  • Receive 1st Class Mastery Badge in 2 battles.
  • Playing in a platoon, destroy at least enemy 10 tanks (divided among all platoon members), while causing at least 1,500 damage yourself.
  • Destroy at least 5 enemy tanks in a battle.
  • Deal at least 4,000 damage points, survive and win a battle 3 times.
  • Receive at least 10 hits and block at least 4,000 damage points with your armour.
  • Deal damage to at least 8 enemy tanks and win the battle.
  • Destroy at least 8 enemy tanks in the battle while playing in a platoon (divided between all members).
  • Be in the top 3 players by the amount of damage dealt in battle 5 times.
  • Destroy a total of 7 Tier X enemy tanks over the course of 7 battles while driving a vehicle of Tier VIII or higher.
  • As a platoon deal a combined amount of at least 10,000 damage points over the course of 1 battle.


This new feature will allow up to 5 players who aren’t affiliated to any clan to participate in your clan’s skirmishes. Hiring Legionnaires can be also used for the purpose of testing applicants before admitting them to the clan, or simply to fill vacant slots in the team up for a skirmish.

  • For all three divisions only 5 Legionnaires can be used.
  • Industrial resources earned by legionaries are not saved.
  • Legionnaires do not receive additional awards in skirmishes.

 Skirmishes income boost in credits and experience

Starting from the 9.3 Update, the balance of credits income for skirmishes will be increased:

  • Medium division: +10% of credits per battle.
  • Champion division: +5% of credits per battle.
  • Absolute division: +15% of credits per battle.

Additionally, a special battle mission for boosting experience by 50% in skirmishes will be launched and the amount of Industrial Resource earned for a Skirmish in Absolute division will be increased from 300 to 400.

Amount of clan members limit in buildings cancellation

Until now, only up to 20 clan members could be assigned to one building. This limit will be cancelled and it will be possible to attach any number of clan members to any building.

New clan positions

In Update 9.3 the system of clan positions will be changed. The changes will also affect Strongholds mode. To find out about the new positions and which positions will be changed, please refer to our feature article about clan position changes

Leveling beyond Tier IV and attacking other strongholds

The functionality requires additional tests, so after Update 9.3, we will be releasing a special common test, in which any player can take part. Based on the results of the test we will make a decision about launching these features.

For the time being, Strongholds upgrades, including the new War Department building, will be restricted to Level IV.




Roll out!