It’s time for strawberries and cream!

Tennis is a game of precision, dexterity, reflexes, and holding your nerve (we’re looking at you, McEnroe). World of Tanks, on the other hand, is a game about teamwork, planning, and strategy, and we’ve seen many a player lose said nerve. Okay, so they’re totally different things, but we wanted to serve you up a special article to celebrate one of the many sports we love here at Wargaming! 

Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis tournament, having first held court in southwest London 140 years ago, and this year sees Great Britain’s own Andy Murray return to once again attempt to claim the title of champion at Wimbledon, after a particularly successful year that saw the Scottish wonder net his second title there and become the world no. 1!

One of four Grand Slam tournaments around the world, Wimbledon is far and away the most prestigious. Taking place every year across two weeks, thousands of fans flock to the globally renowned tournament to watch the old English sport and catch a glimpse of their tennis heroes, celebrities, and even royalty. Many partake in the traditional dish of strawberries and cream, which is so popular that 28,000kg of the dessert is typically consumed at the tournament every year; that’s as heavy as a Cromwell tank!

Hey, speaking of championships, did you know the first season of the new Ranked Battles mode ended recently? You might not have made it into Wimbledon’s hall of fame, unless you’re a certain Scottish supreme, but we hope you tested your mettle and tried your best to take your place in ours. No matter what, you'll always be an ace to us. 

We’ll admit it, this was a backhand-ed excuse to talk about tanks and make puns, two of our favourite pastimes. Seeing a player tank a game of tennis isn’t always fun to watch, but seeing a player tank in a World of Tanks is always brilliant!

We’re sorry for all the racket, we’ll let you get back to dominating the battlefield and enjoying the tennis.

Roll out!